our vision is to be a leading verification and certification agency of choice in the market and become a superior contributor to the verification process.

Our Mission
To provide verification in a sound, objective, consistent and professional manner to all our clients.
To identify fronting practices or any other misrepresentations and provide timely assistance where needed.
To provide all our clients with a unique service experience.

Our Core Value
Unshakable integrity and effective leadership.
Active learning, excellent knowledge and forward thinking.
We are passionate about broad-based transformation.
We take 100% accountability and responsibility in everything we do.
We acknowledge and reward team members’s extraordinary performance.
We treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.
We are pioneers in customer service.
We treat all our stakeholders with respect and demonstrate confidentially fairness and integrity.

Impartiality : Position Statement and Commitment
RETICO recognises the seriousness of impartiality and the impact it has on the execution of verification process. This makes it imperative for RETICO to prepare for the
impact of the impartiality on its bussiness and clients.

RETICO is committed to:
Addressing impartiality in a positive, supportive and non-discriminatory manner, with the informed support and co-operation of all stakeholders,
creating and maintaining a safe guarded environment for all our transactions, and undertakes to deal with an identified possible conflict in the manner that takes into consideration
the interests of all stakeholders as outlined in the process.

Verification Manager
Performs an Independent review of the verification and endorses the result of the verification,
Guides, supervises and reviews work performed by Junior and senior verification analyst,
Complex ownership structures,
Industry charters.
Approves rating certificates,
Handles communication regarding complaints or appeal resolutions.

Senior Verification Analyst
Guides, supervises and reviews work performed by Junior verification analyst.
Complex ownership structures,
Industry charters,

Junior Verification Analyst
Performs the verification under close supervision of the senior verification analyst or verification manager,
Simplistic direct ownership structures only.

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